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Kezia Dugdale enters I'm A Celebrity jungle

BBC - 1 hour 32 min ago
The MSP and ex-Scottish Labour leader admits some colleagues will be angry she's on the show.

Sadio Mane: How Senegal's quiet but steely star has shone for club and country

BBC - 1 hour 36 min ago
How Senegal's quiet but steely Sadio Mane went from Africa Cup of Nations heartbreak to World Cup delight.

The Papers: Royal wedding 'odds on' and wage freeze

BBC - 1 hour 55 min ago
There is speculation Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are engaged while the Budget stays in the headlines.

A New Ominous Clue In Search For Argentine Submarine

NPR News - 1 hour 55 min ago

An apparent explosion occurred near where the submarine went missing, with 44 crew members aboard.

(Image credit: Eitan Abramovich/AFP/Getty Images)

Irish deputy PM no confidence motion could force election

BBC - 2 hours 7 min ago
The Irish government could collapse over a no confidence motion tabled against the deputy PM.

Everton 1-5 Atalanta

BBC - 2 hours 35 min ago
Everton are thrashed 5-1 by Atalanta in the Europa League at a less-than-half-full Goodison Park.

Theresa May to warn of 'hostile' Russia threat to EU security

BBC - 2 hours 55 min ago
PM will also meet European Council President Donald Tusk to discuss Brexit progress.

Zimbabwe: Emmerson Mnangagwa to succeed Mugabe as president

BBC - 3 hours 6 min ago
Emmerson Mnangagwa is to be inaugurated, amid calls for an end to the "culture of corruption".

Question Time cut short as woman falls ill

BBC - 3 hours 12 min ago
The BBC TV show is curtailed after an audience member collapses.

Zimbabwean Journalist Shares What She Hopes For The Country's Future

NPR News - 3 hours 57 min ago

After 37 years in power, Zimbabwe's President, Robert Mugabe has stepped down. He's been in power for most of journalist Wadzanai Mhute's life. She shares her memories of a pre-Mugabe Zimbabwe, reflections on the years of his rule, and her hopes for her country's future with NPR's Ari Shapiro.

Turkeys Have Gotten Bigger And It's Not Because Of Stuffing

NPR News - 3 hours 57 min ago

Over the past half-century, turkeys have been getting a lot bigger. Due to selective breeding, the average turkey is now twice the size it was in 1960.

Trump Thanks Service Members Abroad On Thanksgiving

NPR News - 3 hours 57 min ago

President Trump thanked U.S. service members who are serving abroad in a video call from Mar-a-Lago today. Ahead of the holiday — the Defense Logistics Agency sent close to 100,000 pounds of turkey and some 30,000 pounds of ham to the region for a Thanksgiving meal.

They're Undocumented And Want To Join The U.S. Army Before It's Too Late

NPR News - 3 hours 57 min ago

Several hundred undocumented immigrants who were brought to this country illegally all share a goal: they want to join the U.S. Army. Now, two programs that put them on that path are in danger of being killed by the Trump administration. Two young men tell NPR they are hoping to get to basic training before it's too late.

Rohingya Refugees Say They Are Too Scared To Return To Myanmar

NPR News - 3 hours 57 min ago

Myanmar and Bangladesh say they have signed an agreement to allow the return of Rohingya refugees who fled to Bangladesh. But many Rohingya say they are too scared of violent attacks in Myanmar to return home.

What States Are Doing To Stop Rural Money Drains

NPR News - 3 hours 57 min ago

Farmers survive by sending food to cities, and when they die their assets often leave just as fast, going to heirs living in urban areas. That financial drain helps accelerate small town decline. So, some states are working systematically to keep a fraction of that outward bound money — billions each year — at home.

How Black Friday Has Evolved Throughout The Years

NPR News - 3 hours 57 min ago

Years ago, retailers had an unofficial agreement: Black Friday would be the start of the shopping season. Then some stores started opening their doors and offering sales on Thanksgiving Day. That created some conflicts between consumerism and turkey consumption and now the pendulum is swinging back again.

Robert Mueller May Bring An End To Jokes Surrounding Old Law

NPR News - 3 hours 57 min ago

The little-known Foreign Agents Registration Act was long considered a joke — until Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller brought his first indictments. Legal observers are asking whether he might take a "toothless" old law and give it new fangs.

Putin Is Working To Build Alliances With Leaders The U.S. Often Distances Itself From

NPR News - 3 hours 57 min ago

Russia's president has had a flurry of meetings with leaders from the Middle East and beyond. Critics say he's trying to exploit what the Kremlin sees as inattention from the Trump administration.

Trump Wine: Local Promotion Or Presidential Product Placement?

NPR News - 3 hours 57 min ago

Ninety miles west of the White House, the National Park Service was selling Trump Wine at Shenandoah National Park — raising questions about Park Service rules and presidential influence.

(Image credit: Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty Images)

Why Child Marriage Persists In Mexico

NPR News - 3 hours 57 min ago

In Mexico, 1 in 5 girls marry before they're 18 — some as young as 11. Unlike the rest of the world, child marriage rates have barely fallen in the last 30 years.

(Image credit: Natasha Pizzey)