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Kentucky Democrat Wins Special Election To Reclaim Seat After Lawmaker's Suicide

NPR News - 20 hours 29 min ago

Linda Belcher reclaimed the seat she lost to Dan Johnson in 2016 amid a wave of pro-Trump voter sentiment in Kentucky. Johnson killed himself in December amid allegations of sexual assault.

(Image credit: Timothy D. Easley/AP)

Kikkan Randall, The Only Mom On Team USA, Just Won A Gold Medal In Her Last Event

NPR News - 20 hours 45 min ago

Kikkan Randall and Jessica Diggins are the first American women ever to win a medal in cross-country — and they made it gold.

(Image credit: Odd Andersen /AFP/Getty Images)

'Don't call police over KFC crisis'

BBC - 20 hours 47 min ago
The fried chicken shortage at KFC is "not a police matter", fast food lovers are warned.

Six Nations 2018: Scotland unchanged v England; Willem Nel back on bench

BBC - 20 hours 56 min ago
Scotland name an unchanged starting XV to face England on Saturday with WP Nel, Tim Swinson and Nick Grigg on the bench.

Good luck watching the Winter Games in 4K

Marketplace - American Public Media - 20 hours 56 min ago
Watching the Winter Olympics on your phone is great and all, but if you’ve spent a pretty penny on an ultra-high-definition TV, an iPhone probably won’t cut it. How, then, does one watch the winter games in glorious 4K? Well, it’s complicated. NBC is delivering 4K video of some events the day after they air, but that video is difficult to access even with the right TV and set top box. Sam Machkovech wrote about this very problem for Ars Technica. He spoke with Marketplace Tech host Molly Wood about the Olympic 4K rigmarole. The following is an edited transcript of their conversation.  Sam Machkovech: One major reason [accessing 4K broadcast is difficult] is because we need all of these cameras in the pipeline, either in 4K or even 8K, that can get out there. And especially in a sports broadcast, that means a lot of upgraded cameras and also just to slow down adoption in terms of how we get access to this content. What kind of streaming box, what kind of device do we need, and the confusion that results. Molly Wood: What I find extra amazing about that is that in watching Olympics coverage, there will occasionally be bragging. It'll say, "These Olympics are being filmed and broadcast in 4K for the first time." It's eight to 24 hours later, right? They say that, but it's not like if I had that TV I could turn it on and actually watch it? Machkovech: I'm amazed that they aren't required by the FCC to put amazing levels of fine print when they boast that stuff in ads. Because, yes, an eight- to 24-hour delay for whatever sport you're watching and a very limited selection of sports. We have a selected range of hockey games, not every single one, figure skating, short track and ski jump. And that's it. No luge, no curling, no snowboarding. A lot of major popular winter sports are not getting that 4K treatment, even though it appears they're being filmed with newer 8K cameras and things. Wood: So we talked to NBC, and they said, "We're going to be providing 4K coverage through our partner OBS." What do you think is so hard about this? Machkovech: I do believe that the delay is partially because of OBS controlling this 4K package of content. And I will say the best part about the 4K content I've watched, is that there's no ads. But otherwise, Comcast is doing something really funky as the broadcasting partner. They are forcing everybody to go through a cable television provider. The 2016 Rio Games had a streaming app. That option is gone. It has to be through a proprietary cable box in every option that I found so far. I think it's a clear example of Comcast using its dominance in the market to say, "Oh you want to watch 4K, huh? Oh, there's really not many options, so come through our whole box ecosystem of cable TV that people aren't using as much in the cut-the-cable days." Wood: Is it also possible that the market is never going to be ready for 4K? This is a little bit conspiracy-theory sounding, but it sort of feels like TV manufacturers want to sell 4K TVs, but at least so far in the U.S., that's a harder sell. You know, the files are really big, the cameras are really expensive. I mean, is it possible that 4K is just not really going to come to pass in the way that HD did? Machkovech: I will never go on the record and say that a fancy new technology is just not going to get adopted. Now, I totally agree that some 4K stuff you'll look at and go you, "You know, don't really see a difference." But the figure skating stuff I saw, I'm going to tell you, sparkles are unreal in 4K, which is a funny thing to say out loud. But there's something about a really wide-angle shot of a full skating arena in an Olympics broadcast, and seeing a dancing sequence and trick sequence with all of that benefit of the whole 4K pipeline. I look at that and go, "You know, I don't need 4K, but I can see the difference here."  Related The Beatles and Beyoncé are now part of Olympic figure skating, but who pays for it? Dan and Dave, and the most famous Olympic ad campaign of all time The darkest building on the planet is at the Olympics

Winter Olympics 2018: Norway's Marit Bjorgen creates history as USA win women's team cross country gold

BBC - 21 hours 11 min ago
Norway's Marit Bjorgen becomes the most decorated Winter Olympian of all time taking bronze in the women's team sprint free, as the United States' Jess Diggins wins gold on the final straight.

Stand-up comedian Louise Reay sued by ex-husband

BBC - 21 hours 17 min ago
Louise Reay is being sued for comments made about her marriage during her Edinburgh Fringe show.

Frank-Paul Nuuausala: Wigan Warriors forward leaves Super League club

BBC - 21 hours 17 min ago
Wigan Warriors' former New Zealand prop Frank-Paul Nuuausala is released from his contract with the Super League club.

'Today In 1968' Replays A Historic Year — On Twitter

NPR News - 21 hours 26 min ago

1968 was a pivotal year in civil rights history. In our new project, we'll be tweeting news, articles and moments from that year as if it were all happening today.

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Florida shooting survivors rally for stricter gun controls

BBC - 21 hours 30 min ago
A youth-led anti-gun movement born out of Florida's deadly school shooting stages its first protest.

Mark Cavendish pulls out of Abu Dhabi Tour after crash on opening stage

BBC - 21 hours 44 min ago
Britain's Mark Cavendish pulls out of the Abu Dhabi Tour after falling on the shoulder he broke during last year's Tour de France.

Tri-series final: Australia beat New Zealand on DLS to win title

BBC - 21 hours 45 min ago
Australia beat New Zealand by 19 runs under the DLS method to win the Trans-Tasman tri-series final in Auckland.

South Africa police station raid: Five killed in Umtata

BBC - 21 hours 49 min ago
Five policemen and a solider are shot, two "execution style", during a raid by armed robbers.

Florida School Shooting Survivors To March On State Capitol For Tougher Gun Laws

NPR News - 21 hours 53 min ago

About 100 students and more than a dozen adult chaperones have arrived in the state capital, Tallahassee, ahead of a planned march to demand legislative action to prevent future school shootings.

(Image credit: Mark Wallheiser/AP)

'We Will Not Give Up': Fla. School Shooting Survivors March For Tougher Gun Laws

NPR News - 21 hours 54 min ago

Thousands descended on Tallahassee to demand legislative action to prevent future school shootings. "This is only the beginning of our history," one student said. "Please be on the right side of it."

(Image credit: Mark Wallheiser/AP)

John Worboys case: Met Police loses appeal against victims

BBC - 22 hours 21 min ago
The Met Police loses appeal at Supreme Court against two victims of black cab rapist John Worboys.

UK unemployment rises for first time in two years

BBC - 22 hours 24 min ago
UK unemployment rose by 46,000 to 1.47 million in the three months to December, official figures show.

Kentucky Bourbon, Wisconsin Cheese Could Be Targets In Trade War

NPR News - 22 hours 26 min ago

The European Union is considering ways to fight back if the Trump administration adopts tariffs or quotas on imported steel and aluminum.

(Image credit: Luke Sharrett/Getty Images)

Anti-Migrant Slogans Are Overshadowing Italy's Election Race

NPR News - 22 hours 27 min ago

Far-right parties are campaigning for the March 4 elections, and they're not the only ones heightening the rhetoric against foreigners.

(Image credit: Alessandra Tarantino/AP)

Doctors In China Lead Race To Treat Cancer By Editing Genes

NPR News - 22 hours 27 min ago

More than a third of patients with cancer of the esophagus responded to experimental treatment in China with the gene-editing technique CRISPR. Several CRISPR studies are underway there.

(Image credit: Yuhan Xu/NPR)