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Chris Gayle: Cricketer wins Sydney defamation case

BBC - Sun, 2017-10-29 22:41
An Australian publisher made false claims that the cricketer exposed himself, a jury finds.

Lightning storm blazes across Queensland skies

BBC - Sun, 2017-10-29 22:11
Severe storms bring a spectacle - and more than 176,000 lightning strikes - to east Australia.

Kevin Spacey apologises over Anthony Rapp 'sexual advance' claim

BBC - Sun, 2017-10-29 22:07
The Hollywood star is accused of making sexual advances towards a child actor 30 years ago.

Warning over dangers of smoking around pets

BBC - Sun, 2017-10-29 21:30
Experts are trying to raise awareness of the impact on animals.

Action urged over Westminster abuse claims

BBC - Sun, 2017-10-29 21:24
Theresa May calls for a new disciplinary and grievance process for those working in Parliament.

HSBC posts huge jump in third quarter pre-tax profit

BBC - Sun, 2017-10-29 21:18
The firm reported a five-fold jump in profits helped by cost-cutting and a focus on Asia.

AFL player Broad sorry for sharing topless woman photo

BBC - Sun, 2017-10-29 20:47
Australian football player Nathan Broad sent the image, which went viral, without the woman's consent.

Gordon Brown reveals fight for eyesight in new memoir

BBC - Sun, 2017-10-29 20:38
Ex-PM also opens up about his struggle to reach voters in the "touchy-feely" social media era.

Scrap student loan interest and extend payback time - review

BBC - Sun, 2017-10-29 20:33
Payback time should also be extended to help avoid a future debt crisis, says the UK 2020 report.

The nurse hired to combat cancer myths online

BBC - Sun, 2017-10-29 20:10
A cancer charity said myths online leave patients "scared and at risk of bogus cures".

Plane tries to land in Austria storm... takes off again

BBC - Sun, 2017-10-29 20:10
The flight makes a last-minute change in the stormy weather at Salzburg airport.

Budget: Hammond faces spending dilemma, says IFS

BBC - Sun, 2017-10-29 19:41
The chancellor is in a "very difficult position" for the 22 November Budget, a think tank says.

Catalonia independence: Puigdemont 'could run if not in jail'

BBC - Sun, 2017-10-29 18:04
Madrid says Carles Puigdemont could stand for re-election - provided he has not been imprisoned.

Managing the managers: The rise of the business 'philosopher-kings'

BBC - Sun, 2017-10-29 17:58
Why hire a manager and then hire someone else to tell them how to do their job?

The woman who won the lottery and chose to give it back

BBC - Sun, 2017-10-29 17:57
Since buying a winning ticket in 2013, Rachel Lapierre has used most of her winnings to run her own charity.

Strong storms kill five in Germany, Poland and Czech Republic

BBC - Sun, 2017-10-29 17:53
Flooding, power cuts and traffic disruptions affect Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic.

How Lee Child is breaking cover on Jack Reacher secrets

BBC - Sun, 2017-10-29 17:50
The best-selling novelist reveals how he tackles his thrillers and gives away some nuggets about what's coming next.

'I'm scared of my own autistic child'

BBC - Sun, 2017-10-29 17:45
Parents struggling to cope with their violent autistic children say they are not being supported.

Creating low-cost luxury modular homes

BBC - Sun, 2017-10-29 17:01
The modular or flat-pack home - often associated with low-cost accommodation - is being transformed by a Filipino entrepreneur.

The Americans who can't read

BBC - Sun, 2017-10-29 17:01
The US has more citizens who are illiterate than many of its developed counterparts. Why is that?