This Week's Coffee Table

Election season is in full swing with Alaska’s state primary coming up August 19th. For the next few weeks on Coffee Table, we’ll be hearing from candidates running in the various races on the Kenai Peninsula. This week, we’ll be speaking with Representative Paul Seaton. He is a candidate for House District 31. We’ll cover redistricting, Prop 1, and more. 

Coffee Table Archive

Soldotna Mayor and Senator-Elect Peter Micciche sits down with KDLL's Shaylon Cochran to discuss issues surrounding oil and gas development, commercial fishing and more.

Representatives from Enstar Natural Gas Company discuss the plans for this year's buildout of a natural gas network in Homer, as well as other gas projects going on around the Kenai Peninsula and the outlook for gas exploration around Cook Inlet.

The October 1st Kenai Peninsula Borough and municipal election is just a few weeks away and on this week’s edition of the "Coffee Table," it’s time to meet some of the candidates for local office. Linda Murphy and Dale Bagley are running for the District 4 seat.