This Week's Coffee Table

Election season is in full swing with Alaska’s state primary coming up August 19th. For the next few weeks on Coffee Table, we’ll be hearing from candidates running in the various races on the Kenai Peninsula. This week, we’ll be speaking with Representative Paul Seaton. He is a candidate for House District 31. We’ll cover redistricting, Prop 1, and more. 

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Do you know about the “Battle of Kenai?” Explore the history and people of the Kenai Peninsula on this week’s “Coffee Table” program when anthropologist Dr. Alan Boraas sits down with us to talk history.

Sen. Mark Begich joins us  from Washington, D.C. to answer your questions on this week's "Coffee Table."

Tourism is one of the biggest economic engines on the Kenai Peninsula – an industry that affects all of us whether we’re directly tied to it or not. So, what’s going on in the world of local tourism? How has it changed in recent years? Has it bounced back from the economic downturn of 2008? On this week’s “Coffee Table” program, our panel of tourism industry experts will tackle those questions and more. 

Our panel of gardening experts, including Marion Nelson and Velma Bittick from the Central Peninsula Garden Club and Al Poindexter from Anchor Point Greenhouse, answer questions about how to make your garden grow.

Scientists from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and Alaska Pacific University join us to talk about the interesting lives of razor clams. The clams are a popular fishery for many peninsula residents, many of whom have noticed a drop-off in clam numbers in recent years.