This Week's Coffee Table

Election season is in full swing with Alaska’s state primary coming up August 19th. For the next few weeks on Coffee Table, we’ll be hearing from candidates running in the various races on the Kenai Peninsula. This week, we’ll be speaking with Representative Paul Seaton. He is a candidate for House District 31. We’ll cover redistricting, Prop 1, and more. 

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Test your knowledge of the history and people of the Kenai Peninsula with our guest, anthropologist and historian Dr. Alan Boraas.

On this week's "Coffee Table" program, listeners call in to tell us about how they arrived on the Kenai Peninsula, what makes them stick around and what they see the place looking like in the future.

This week’s edition of “Coffee Table” is a good place to catch up with news and events around the Kenai Peninsula. Callers give their thoughts on anything under the sun – on a special “open lines” program.

Next week, the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly will hold a public hearing about the much-debated fish habitat protection ordinance. On this week’s Coffee Table, we’ll speak with the Borough Mayor’s Chief of Staff, Paul Ostrander to learn how this ordinance came to be, and what the proposed new rules mean. 

The popularity of small breweries has exploded in Alaska in recent years. Join us for a discussion with representatives from local breweries and wineries for a discussion on the state of the industry on the Kenai Peninsula.