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How does the KBBI Community Calendar work? Community Calendar is intended for events and not intended to promote any particular business, product, service, political view, candidate, or philosophy. All requests must be made by filling this online form.
  • Events must be sponsored by nonprofit organizations, community groups or government agencies.
  • No solicitations or calls to action will be permitted.
  • Submit at least one week prior to the event.
  • We air community calendar announcements daily after the morning and evening news and during the 1pm break, as time allows.
  • Daily calendar updates cannot be guaranteed. They will be aired in a manner allowing those events happening soonest to be aired, subject to exceptions imposed by the KBBI programming department.
  • We rotate through announcements, and there is no guarantee for specific time or frequency each announcement is read. That depends on how many have been submitted for any given date.
  • Nonprofit or “community minded” event announcements that briefly list who, what, where, when and generic ticket availability (no list of business outlets).
  • Nonprofit events at for-profit venue only if the nonprofit receives all proceeds from the event.
  • Nonprofit events sponsored by for-profit only if all proceeds go to NP.
  • Co-sponsorship – only if promotions clearly identify nonprofit as sponsor and checks/$ are made out to nonprofit (no mention of donations or vendor booth costs).
  • Peace rallies, political events and candidates as long as no money is involved.
  • Youth/educational groups (4-H, BoyScouts, public school events, etc.)
  • Benefits for those suffering from illness, fire or other disaster.
  • Yard sales organized by nonprofit or disaster victims.
  • Religious events outside of regular services and events (guest speakers, concerts, etc.)
  • “Other events of a nonprofit or community minded nature” may be allowed pending review by the KBBI program department.
Not allowed
  • For-profit “First Friday” gallery openings and announcements.
  • Un-sponsored for-profit events/performances at nonprofit venues.
  • Concert or movie “benefits” hosted by for-profit where only a portion of the proceeds go to the nonprofit.
  • Fundraisers for individuals to attend rallies, conferences, school or pay for expenses to attend event.
  • Political candidate/event fundraisers.
  • Fundraisers for private schools/educational organizations.
  • No selling or promotion of books, movies, toys, food, etc.
  • Raffles, lotteries, or any game, contest, or promotion that contains the elements of prize or chance.

After clicking "Submit" a confirmation page will appear on the screen. If you are brought back to this page then text was missing from a field. Please note all fields are required and when filling out the time portion of the event you must select the minutes as well.

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